• Studio session.

    Posted on July 11, 2017 by in Family and children photography

    After outdoor family photography session

    This family decided to come back for studio photography session after a outdoor shoot last year. This session is a simple relax kinda shoot, no hurries in between and everything just let it be normal. Family portraits studio

    Two lovely boys hugging…

    I always like to get the kids to hug each other, so fun to get them onto it. I call this ice breaker, although may be siblings, i believe not many can hug each other, so i always loves to do this. It does made the situation more relax and set the tone right for shoots. Another fun thing to do will be the boxing gloves on the boys, half naked. The boys if not that shy will definitely wanna try it. two boys hugging each other in studio White back ground studio family boxing gloves on boy half naked

    Collage for ordering…

    Some families does prefer to hang collage on the wall, i remember they hang one from previous outdoor shoot, so this time round they selected 9 images for another collage to hang side by side, i am thinking they gonna do it every year to have their kids growing up stages properly recorded in prints. Which is good, memories will fade….. collage or montage family portraits in studio



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